Modern House Plans

Modern contemporary-style houses are truly one-of-a-kind, despite drawing inspiration from other architectural styles. The overall concept of these homes centers on minimal decoration and maximum floor space. In fact, the floor plans for this style of house can vary. People who decide to build a contemporary-style home are limited only by their imaginations when it comes to deciding what floor plan to utilize for their lifestyle and family's needs. The home can also be ideal for anyone comparing house plans for sale, who plans to run a business out of their house or wants to design the open floor plan to accommodate their growing family's future space requirements.

As noted, this style is reminiscent in some aspects of the Prairie-style home, a favorite of architectural icon Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as the geometrical A-frame houses that tend to be popular among architecture fans. One of the hallmark features of a contemporary home that can also be found in Prairie-style homes is the use of organic materials like wood and stone. These materials, however, are sometimes combined with more unconventional choices, such as concrete.

These homes also contain numerous spacious and tall windows that let in maximum sunlight and air. These windows make the inside of a modern contemporary home seem roomier than its actual dimensions. Another unique feature that comes with one of these homes is the flat or shed roofing. These houses do not feature the gables and hipped roofing found with traditional styles, such as the typical farmhouse. The contemporary-style home is considered to be very progressive in its design.


Modern Row House
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Contemporary Dream Home
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Elegant Modern
Custom features and beautiful details create a one-of-a-kind feeling throughout this modern home. Off the luxurious master suite is a private balcony, with enough room to sit and relax. There is a second balcony off the loft area... Readmore

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