Cottage House Plans

Cottage-style homes may look cozy and close from the outside. However, from the inside it is quite obvious that these homes are actually spacious and elegant, albeit while retaining the comfortable appeal that catches the imagination of admirers. This style of home can fit comfortably on urban, suburban, and rural lots. It also can accommodate a number of different floor plans to suit any person or family's particular lifestyle needs.

The cottage-style home comes with several architectural hallmarks that set it apart from other styles of homes. For example, it has large unframed picture windows that are ideal for looking out on the landscape. The size of the windows are one feature that compel people to build cottage-style homes in the mountains, by the lake, or in other scenic environments. This home also has a steep roof that has both hipped and gable fixtures. The varying rooftop features, combined with the ample space that is all contained within a single, albeit spacious level, lend to the unique architectural design of this home.

Like the Craftsman-style home, the cottage-style house makes extensive use of organic building materials. It is common to find stone, brick, wood, and other materials in both the outside and inside construction of the house. These materials contribute to the comfortable and rustic ambiance that make these homes popular throughout the country. People shopping for home plans for sale and who choose to build a cottage-style house from the ground up, often say that they feel right at home from the first day that they move into it.


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